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In case of an emergency….


So you’ve probably seen this image already at least once today alone. Hello, Hurricane Irma. I live on the South Carolina coast and while I completely respect you, I really don’t want you coming around. You’ve made quite a mess. As a toddler mom, clearly you are throwing a MAJOR tantrum and you need a long time out.

All kidding aside, this has been a scary week. My heart goes out to the Leeward Islands, Barbuda, Puerto Rico, Sint Maarten. Fort Lauderdale is my happy place. I have very close friends in both Boynton Beach and Wellington. And I live in Charleston. Irma is coming a little too close for comfort.

To downplay something of this size and nature for selfish reasons….foolish. If you’re in the cone of uncertainty, you need to be in the know. Especially when there are babies and animals to be accounted for, families who might lose their homes, cars to gas up in case of an evacuation, arrangements to be made. I have a horse. It’s not an easy move to make. I don’t own a trailer. That might seen dumb in the moment but generally speaking, my horse is 22 and we no longer show. I never plan on going anywhere, except in an emergency situation. Securing a place for an animal that doesn’t fit in your house and securing transportation for an animal who doesn’t fit in your car is no easy task. There are many people stuck directly in the hurricane’s path for this very reason. My heart goes out to them because I know I was fretting big time until last night when all my plans were finally concrete. (and even then, are they really?? Mother Nature knows no rules.)

This is not the time to be selfish, or to look down upon someone for being worried about what the next move is. While it may not matter to you, it matters to someone else. Have compassion.

My life has changed since having a baby. There was a time when working during a hurricane wouldn’t matter to me, that having a hurricane party seemed like literally the best idea ever. ( Mary Chapin Carpenter mentions it in her song “Down at the Twist and Shout” and as a kid I thought it sounded like a blast tbh.) Between my daughter and my horse (not to mention all the other family members and moving parts), hurricane parties sound like the LAST thing I’m interested in. Safety first. That’s my motto now. Better to be over prepared than to make a mistake that could risk someone’s life. As they continue saying on our local channels, you can rebuild your home, you can’t rebuild your life. (And if we learned anything from Hurricane Harvey….Texas, we’re thinking of you here in SC!)

Now a snow storm…I’ve got that all day. I’m a Maine-er at heart, always will be. But this hurricane nonsense….it gets scarier and scarier. Especially since now we have Jose chasing his sister Irma across the ocean and Katia trying to attack Mexico. Y’all, this isn’t cool. Which one of you needs wine and which one needs chocolate? All three? No worries, I have enough.


(above quote credit to Team Froglogic instagram)

We have no control. We can only react to what happens, make the best decisions and choices we can to protect who we love and support one another. This may not work into our plans but what really does? The universe plans what she will and we just have to go along with it. But how we go along with it is what makes us who we are. You can fight it, throw a fit, ignore it, pretend it’s not happening, live in denial, cry about it, etc etc but guess what? That does you no good. All you’re doing is spreading your negativity and throwing yourself a pity party. And I don’t know about you, but whenever I have thrown myself a pity party, no one  has come. Huh.

I’m writing this as a reminder to myself and others: BE COMPASSIONATE. You never know what someone is going through or dealing with. And when your state declares a state of emergency, pay attention. Listen closely. Gather the information and react accordingly. It’s happening. It’s real. Let’s deal with it. And let’s support each other amidst the chaos.

If you’re currently being affected or you’re about to be, be brave, but safe and stay alert. My thoughts are with you. We will come out the other side of this.




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Why I love Beachbody


Some people in my life have recently been asking why I got into Beachbody. I work for a wonderful health club, I competed on my own, why dive head first into a “network marketing scam”?

Well, let me first tell you it’s not a scam. There’s nothing scam-ish about it. Yes, I am fairly new to the business so maybe you think I don’t know what I’m talking about. And believe me, I was high-key skeptical about this company and what being a coach meant. I honestly avoided it for a very long time. “I’m not ready,” I’d say. “I need to be fitter,” I would explain. “I don’t have what it takes.” If you know me, my self-confidence isn’t the highest and I’m not one to take videos of myself working out on a regular basis because ew I always look terrible (I’m still pretty awful at this tbh lol). But something about Beachbody kept calling me back. It kept showing up on my newsfeed, in my texts, in my messenger, on my Instagram. So I researched it secretly, watching videos, reading testimonials.

It wasn’t the programs I was skeptical about. If you’ve ever worked out consistently for a while you know that with pushing yourself comes great results. The results you see from Insanity or P90x or 21 Day Fix are REAL. There’s no question. Now, not everyone is the same and results may vary and obviously the stricter you are, the better your results. The programs weren’t my concern.Coaching was.

What did it entail? Could I do it? Would I be good at it? I honestly cannot yet answer these questions because I’m JUST beginning. But I am LOVING what I’m learning, the people I’m surrounding myself with, and the opportunity for growth and development. Whether I become a star diamond coach or I stay an Emerald forever (which I hope isn’t the case), I’m not in it for the money or the fame. I’m in it to HELP women. I have been on my own journey (this blog is proof of that) and I needed SOMETHING. As terrified as I was, in the beginning of August I made the leap (of faith) after a wonderful coffee date with my upline coach (who was then just my coach). She sold me. And not in a salesy way. She’s REAL and she’s a mom and she gets it. I LOVE that about her and about Beachbody.


Ever since then I have been navigating this world and figuring it out slowly but surely. The products are amazing, there is literally a program for everyone, and the community is really quite warm and wonderful. There’s not competition to it. That’s one of the things I love. I am NOT competitive. I just want to be and do my own thing. With Beachbody, you can. You’re only as successful as you make yourself. Is it easy? No. But is anything worth it really ever easy? No. That’s the beauty of it. The climb. (No, I’m not quoting Miley Cyrus LOL. Actually I’m quoting Clay Appuzzo. Any Sebastian Stan fans out there? No? You’re missing out. We’ll get to him later.)

Long story short, I’m embracing my new chapter and I’m loving my journey. Beachbody has opened me up to a world I never knew existed and honestly, I wish I had taken the leap (of faith) sooner. But we can’t live in the past. We can only push forward. And I plan to push forward with this and do what I can to be successful in something I’m passionate about. For me, it’s not just about health and fitness. It’s about self-care and wellness. I’m coming off my anxiety medication, I’m feeling better about myself, I’m growing and developing myself. That is priceless.

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Well that was an unplanned hiatus… 


Last Monday I was rushing, trimming these stupid bushes by my garage (they’re prickly and grow way too fast) when I had an accident. 

The cord was too short for this particular hedge trimmer and it kept unplugging. I plugged it back in for the 6th time and upon turning it back on, wasn’t looking while reaching for the handle and actually ended up reaching for the blades. I turned it on against my fingers. You can imagine what happened then… 

Spoiler alert: I kept all my fingers! Praise the Lord! It could have been SO much worse! 

Bailey was napping and I was alone. I had enough wits about me to grab a beach towel and hold pressure to my fingers. I wasn’t sure the extent of the damage because let me tell you, there was blood EVERYWHERE. It was awful! 

I probably took ten years off my father’s life calling him when my husband didn’t answer and telling him I had an accident with the hedge trimmers he let me borrow. He lives close and was immediately on his way. I managed to get my husband on the phone as my neighbors got home. My lovely neighbor held me while I cried as I waited for my husband and father. 

A trip to the ER later and I was stitched up. I spent the rest of the night pacing in excruciating pain. Hand pain is no joke! 

I got the right stitches out yesterday but I’m pretty sure they weren’t ready to come out. I lost a lot of skin and they’re pretty raw now. But it’s not as bad as it was, so I’ll take it 👍 

So now I’m back to blogging on a regular basis! I have some great things to talk about in the future and I’m really excited about what’s ahead! So sorry for my absence! And remember, PAY ATTENTION when messing with power tools! 👋