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Last week I wrote about self-love. Today I’m going to talk about self-acceptance. To me, they are not the same.

You can love yourself in a moment. When you like those jeans or you had an awesome workout, or maybe you made a good decision that lead to good things. But self-love can be fleeting.

Self-acceptance is longterm. For me, the definition of self-acceptance is accepting that it’s okay to be different, to not move with the crowd, to express yourself in ways that others don’t, to love yourself despite how you look on the outside all the time; being happy in your own skin, all the time.

I don’t have a lot of friends who share the same interests I have. It’s always been that way. I rode horses growing up and had very few friends in school who rode; they didn’t understand my love of horses. I wasn’t good at articulating it either at such a young age, so I’m sure that didn’t help haha! I have dear, close friends who do share that love and I am so thankful for them. But the majority…it wasn’t a shared interest and I always felt like an outsider. I related better to horses than people.

I’ve always been a fangirl. I don’t know why, I just have always had a fascination with cute boys and fictional characters. Whether it’s a book, a movie, a show, or a boyband (LOL), I immerse myself in it and have to know everything. I’ve always been into pop culture, I suppose. As a child, I was surrounded by people who liked the same things but very few who truly got me. One of my first friendships in high school started with the question “oh my gosh, you like Justin Timberlake?!” Cue fangirl squealing. But as an adult it’s hard to find people around me who have this same common interest. Makes it hard to accept that part of myself.

I’m fascinated by the Royal engagement. But guess what? Not ONE person I’ve spoken to about it is. Why do I like stuff no one else likes?!

The Kennedys. The Revolutionary War. American history in general. I mean, they’re nerdy topics but does no one like this stuff?! LOL

Why am I different? Am I different? Should I just not like things? To me, I feel like letting that part of me, the part that yearns for that bit of excitement, whether it’s climbing on a horse or reading an exciting book, is part of what brings me to life. If I let it go I’m just conforming. But how do you accept being an outsider too? I’m stuck.

So while writing this post, I’m working to start fresh. I’m working toward embracing the parts of me others don’t understand or simply look past (and then probably wonder why on earth I’m interested in such things). We have to remember that we are not here to please others–we are here to be ourselves. Life is too short to spend it wishing you were different. I know that’s cliche but isn’t it true? Do you want to spend every day wishing you were better understood? Let’s stop trying to be understood. Let’s start embracing what makes us different. We aren’t all that different, but we definitely aren’t all the same. Embrace the things that make your heart sing every day and ACCEPT who you are because of them. I need to do it and if this speaks to you, I encourage you to do it as well 💛

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Coming out of the dark….

No makeup, no filter, sweat and maybe even a few tears 😜😜 Real life, y’all.

I took the weekend to gather myself in the mountains, plan for the future and figure out where I’m at and what I want. I also didn’t work out 🤦🏻‍♀️. I’m paying for that now. At the time I told myself ‘ah it’s one weekend’. Well….isn’t that how bad habits begin 🙄

How many times have you told yourself that? How many times have you justified food and/or drinks and said it won’t effect you that much? 🙋🏻🙋🏻 I can assure you I have said it and done it and paid for it. Life is already hard enough, why deprive myself? <—that’s me talking! Toddler Mom, wife, full time working woman. Except all I’m doing is making this harder for myself by justifying these cheats.

I’ve tried everything. I’ve competed, I’ve trained hardcore. And I’ve also let myself slip in every way possible. I KNOW what works. It’s just finding the motivation to make it happen. I want to feel better every day, I want to love who I see in the mirror. Don’t we all? 🤳

Are you in the same boat I am? Message me. Let’s chat and set goals and talk about how we can do this together. I have found that having someone along the same ride makes it easier. Someone who understands the ups and downs. Need that friend, coach, encourager? I’m here for you! 👋

Time to reach some more goals! 🏆

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(quote from Grey’s Anatomy—the show of all amazing quotes 😂)

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Why I love Beachbody


Some people in my life have recently been asking why I got into Beachbody. I work for a wonderful health club, I competed on my own, why dive head first into a “network marketing scam”?

Well, let me first tell you it’s not a scam. There’s nothing scam-ish about it. Yes, I am fairly new to the business so maybe you think I don’t know what I’m talking about. And believe me, I was high-key skeptical about this company and what being a coach meant. I honestly avoided it for a very long time. “I’m not ready,” I’d say. “I need to be fitter,” I would explain. “I don’t have what it takes.” If you know me, my self-confidence isn’t the highest and I’m not one to take videos of myself working out on a regular basis because ew I always look terrible (I’m still pretty awful at this tbh lol). But something about Beachbody kept calling me back. It kept showing up on my newsfeed, in my texts, in my messenger, on my Instagram. So I researched it secretly, watching videos, reading testimonials.

It wasn’t the programs I was skeptical about. If you’ve ever worked out consistently for a while you know that with pushing yourself comes great results. The results you see from Insanity or P90x or 21 Day Fix are REAL. There’s no question. Now, not everyone is the same and results may vary and obviously the stricter you are, the better your results. The programs weren’t my concern.Coaching was.

What did it entail? Could I do it? Would I be good at it? I honestly cannot yet answer these questions because I’m JUST beginning. But I am LOVING what I’m learning, the people I’m surrounding myself with, and the opportunity for growth and development. Whether I become a star diamond coach or I stay an Emerald forever (which I hope isn’t the case), I’m not in it for the money or the fame. I’m in it to HELP women. I have been on my own journey (this blog is proof of that) and I needed SOMETHING. As terrified as I was, in the beginning of August I made the leap (of faith) after a wonderful coffee date with my upline coach (who was then just my coach). She sold me. And not in a salesy way. She’s REAL and she’s a mom and she gets it. I LOVE that about her and about Beachbody.


Ever since then I have been navigating this world and figuring it out slowly but surely. The products are amazing, there is literally a program for everyone, and the community is really quite warm and wonderful. There’s not competition to it. That’s one of the things I love. I am NOT competitive. I just want to be and do my own thing. With Beachbody, you can. You’re only as successful as you make yourself. Is it easy? No. But is anything worth it really ever easy? No. That’s the beauty of it. The climb. (No, I’m not quoting Miley Cyrus LOL. Actually I’m quoting Clay Appuzzo. Any Sebastian Stan fans out there? No? You’re missing out. We’ll get to him later.)

Long story short, I’m embracing my new chapter and I’m loving my journey. Beachbody has opened me up to a world I never knew existed and honestly, I wish I had taken the leap (of faith) sooner. But we can’t live in the past. We can only push forward. And I plan to push forward with this and do what I can to be successful in something I’m passionate about. For me, it’s not just about health and fitness. It’s about self-care and wellness. I’m coming off my anxiety medication, I’m feeling better about myself, I’m growing and developing myself. That is priceless.

Curious about Beachbody? Want to talk more about it? Comment below!

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Top Inspiration Songs

I created this playlist because I’m always looking for this type of thing and can never find just what I need (there’s a theme here on this blog…lol). So I created this list for my own purpose and to share with others who may need it. I don’t listen to music often anymore as it negatively influences me mentally and I’m working really hard to avoid that. When I do listen to music, I ensure it’s uplifting and gets me to a better place. I hope this playlist does the same for you.


  • “Coming out of the dark” Gloria Estefan
  • “Stand By You” Rachel Platton
  • “Brave” Sara Bareilles
  • “This is the moment” Anthony Warlow
  • “I Can Only Imagine” MercyMe
  • “Walk Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967” John Mayer


  • “The Age of Worry” John Mayer
  • “Unwritten” Natasha Bedingfield
  • “Hold On” Wilson Phillips
  • “Man in the Mirror” Michael Jackson
  • “The Sun is Rising” Britt Nicole
  • “Reach” Gloria Estefan
  • “Higher Love” Steve Winwood
  • “Africa” Toto
  • “Climb On” Shawn Colvin
  • “Catch my Breath” Kelly Clarkson
  • “Let That Pony Run” Pam Tillis
  • “Ain’t Been Done” Jessie J
  • “Save it for a Rainy Day” Kenny Chesney
  • “Seasons of Love” RENT
  • “Cannonball” Lea Michele
  • “Stand” Rascal Flatts
  • “Don’t Stop Believing” Glee
  • “Walking in Memphis” Marc Cohn
  • “The Horses” Daryl Braithwaite


  • “Learn to Fly” Foo Fighters
  • “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” Mulan (come on, you know if boosts you up! Admit it!)
  • “Follow Your Arrow” Kacey Musgraves
  • “Something to Believe In” Parachute
  • “Let the Good Times Roll” Ben Rector
  • “I Stand” Idina Menzel
  • “Best Day Of My Life” American Authors
  • “Oh How the Years Go By” Vanessa Williams
  • “Fight Song” Rachel Platton
  • “”All for Love” Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, Sting (YES I love this song and YES it makes me feel good!)
  • “Someday We’ll Know” Mandy Moore and Jonathan Foreman
  • “This is Me” Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas (I have a 15 year old stepdaughter…)
  • “Little Miss” Sugarland
  • “Brave Face” Delta Goodrem (This song still sticks with me, ever since my husband had cancer…)
  • “Days Like This” Van Morrison (the ideal day…)
  • “Roar” Katy Perry
  • “I Was Here” Lady Antebellum
  • “What It Takes” Montgomery Gentry
  • “How Far I’ll Go” Auli’l Cravalho
  • “Into the Open Air” Julie Fowlis
  • “Here I Am” Bryan Adams
  • “The Best Of Me” Josh Kelley
  • “The Best I Can” Jake Owen
  • “Reason to Hope” Ron Pope
  • “Freedom” George Michael
  • “Go The Distance” Roger Bart
  • “In this Life” Delta Goodrem



  • “Promise” Thomas Bergerson
  • “Remember Me” Thomas Bergerson
  • “There’s No Place Like Home” Michael Giacchino
  • “August’s Rhapsody” August Rush Soundtrack


Have a song I need to add? Please comment below! I’d love some more inspiration! I’ll take all I can get!


Calm. Is. Contagious. 

This is a lesson I learn day in and day out. Calm is contagious. Any feeling is contagious. If you’re anxious, the people around you will be anxious. If you’re uncomfortable, the people around you will feel it, they’ll be uncomfortable. It’s easy for people to affect your emotions, and is easy for you to influence theirs. How do you want to influence them? 

I’ve realized this as a parent. If I get frustrated and worked up, Bailey is right there with me. I will accomplish nothing with her if I’m frustrated and passing that negative energy on to her. Children are especially sensitive. Your calm is contagious. They will feel it and be calm. 

In the work place, this is absolutely a must. Think about that spastic boss you had, or that coworker that runs around frantic all the time. How does that make you feel? You feel their energy don’t you? I know I do! I’m learning to keep myself in check because there’s nothing worse than knowing you’re the cause of someone else’s frantic feelings. Anxiety is contagious. So is calm. 

Whether in a moment of crisis or a moment of sheer panic, remember to take a deep breath. Calm is contagious. Lead with calm. If you’re calm, your employees, children, spouse will feel that and it will calm them. I have witnessed this from both angles. Have you? I want to hear about it! 

I’ll leave you with this video. I think Rorke Denver is just awesome. He’s inspiring, a great storyteller, and my go-to for leadership. Watch and listen as he talks about how calm is contagious! Enjoy! Let me know you’re thoughts! (Click the picture for the video!) 


Podcast Friday! 

I missed last week after the hedge trimmer debacle but I’m back this week with one of my favorites! 

I discovered them through Chris Kyle’s story. If you’re unfamiliar, Chris Kyle was a Navy Seal sniper. The movie American Sniper was made about his life, with Bradley Cooper doing a fantastic job in the role of the man himself. Chris Kyle wrote a memoir before he passed. He was killed at a shooting range by a fellow veteran with PTSD. Such a terrible end to an amazing life story. 

Taya Kyle is Chris Kyle’s wife. If you don’t know this about me, I become emmersed in things when they interest me. I read every book, I do research, watch videos and interviews. I have to know everything. My fascination with Navy Seals and Chris Kyle was no exception. 

I had forgotten all about podcasts until this time. I began looking for interviews on there that I could listen to while I was driving, since I do a lot of driving for work. I’ve been trying to get myself out of my funk and listening to something interesting and motivating seemed like a good idea. I looked her up and found her on Team Never Quit. 

As soon as I heard the intro done by David Rutherford and Marcus Luttrell (you may know him from Lone Survivor, the movie and the book) and the music, I knew I’d be hooked. And sure enough I have then proceeded to listen to almost all of their episodes. Their mission is to bring motivation and teach listeners about the “Never Quit Mindset” through inspiring stories from all walks of life. 

Taya’s story resonated with me. She spoke about marriage, about how hard it can be, about those rough and weak moments we experience. She talked about strength, how to prevail in marriage, she calls it the “biggest gift”. She talks this analogy about marriage as a marinated steak….”[…]You think of a really great piece of steak, you buy it at the store, it’s gonna be a great piece of meat, that’s like our marriage when we were fresh and new and in love and it was a good connection. And then you think we’ll if you marinate it, what is that? It’s breaking down the tissue in the steak and it’s making it more tender, and it’s giving it some seasoning to it, and it’s giving all these different layers of flavor, and I think that’s what happened to our marriage and one of the greatest gifts I ever got […]”

As someone who is married, only five years in, I found this to be such an interesting and truthful take on marriage. Things happen, you have ups and downs, good moments and bad together. It’s “marinating” your marriage. I want a tender marriage, full of flavors and aged to perfection. I think all married couples want that. 

Her story is full of faith, hope, love, loss and redemption. She’s a strong-ass woman. She’s raising two kids and keeping her husband’s legacy alive. I admire her in all her endeavors. I admire that she has pressed on! 

I highly recommend this podcast to anyone who is looking for a kick into gear! It keeps me in the mindset that life may get hard, and shit may suck, but we can get through it! There’s always a light on the other side. At the top of the mountain is a glorious view. The climb up that mountain may be rough but it’s so damn worth it! 💪 #TeamNeverQuit 

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New journeys 🗺

I recently posted to Social Media about something really exciting and thrilling for me! I have become a Beachbody coach! Before you question or judge, below is my announcement. Let me explain why I chose this… 


Has something ever kept coming back to you time and time again? And you finally realize it speaks to you, you finally realize it might be just what you were looking for? 
Fitness and health have become a huge part of my life. Ever since I competed, I’ve been passionate about it. I was in the best shape of my life in 2015. And then we got the surprise of a lifetime–I was pregnant! 
I gained 50 pounds. I loved being pregnant. But after the birth, I didn’t lose like I wanted to. I struggled with postpartum anxiety, depression, and a lack of motivation. I couldn’t relate to anyone. I struggled every day. I loved my daughter but I needed to find love for myself again. It’s taken me until now to find my way back to my starting point. 
I began my journey with Beachbody in April. I finally joined a challenge group and committed to 21 Day Fix. I was nervous and anxious to do it but I knew this was step 1 for me. What I had known before didn’t apply now. Everything was different. I had to start fresh. 
I started feeling better, I was part of a group of amazing and inspiring women. I didn’t feel cheated or pushed, I felt understood and encouraged! I learned about portion control, I began fueling my body and the workout was completely doable, leaving me feeling stronger with every passing day. I completed two rounds and moved on to 22 Minute Hard Corps. I’m obsessed! 
Last month I started a blog, working to motivate other mamas who are in the same boat as I am. It’s in its infancy stages but it’s become a passion of mine. This journey is about motivating others, inspiring others while motivating and inspiring myself. Loving myself. And getting healthy and fit once again! That’s why I became a Beachbody Coach! 
I am so thrilled to embark on this new journey! I want to inspire others through transparency, through the every day struggles we face as busy women. It took me a long while to take the leap but I have and I am overjoyed! I want to help others; I want to motivate and encourage. I can’t describe what it did for me, and now I want to pay it forward 🙏

I want to help other women who have felt like I have. It’s so hard, living in the frustrating darkness of being unmotivated. When we feel confident in ourselves, we shine. We glow. And don’t you want to glow? I know I do! ⭐️


Podcast Friday 

I’m going to start a schedule I think. At least for this one topic because I am super passionate about podcasts right now. 

Podcast Friday 

I started listening to podcasts in the car as motivation and inspiration and keeping me healthy mentally. I needed things put in perspective. I needed to climb out of my dark hole and back into the light. I have all but given up music. Unless my daughter is in the car. Then it’s just “Higher Love” by Steve Winwood on repeat (it’s her jam, I’m not kidding). But that is also positive, so I’ll take it! 

Today I’m going to feature my current obsession in podcast land. 

Andy Stumpf is a former Navy Seal. He’s so completely real and transparent in his podcasts. I discovered him through his interview on my most favorite Podcast “Team Never Quit” with Marcus Luttrell and David Rutherford. We’ll probably talk about that one next week. I am OBSESSED with Team Never Quit! 

Andy was on their podcast and after listening to his conversation with them and the mention of his own podcast, I dove in headfirst. I love it. He’s real, he’s motivational, and he’s no bullshit. Sometimes we all need that. 

He shared a story recently about marriage counseling and raising “quality human beings” (kids) (Episode 5). I was riveted. Hooked. And while circumstances are different for me and my husband, and we don’t need counseling, I am always interested in hearing ways I can be a better parent or a better spouse. He talked about the counseling and told about a specific exercise where you become you’re child self again and tell your parent (in a role play exercise with the therapist) what you needed from them when you were a kid that they didn’t provide. He goes on to say “the thought of my children being damaged for life by me, it was devastating […]” and man! That hit me in the gut. I believe it can also be related to marriage, anyone you interact with. We have the ability to influence people in ways we sometimes don’t realize. This was eye-opening for me!

He’s also funny. In that same episode he told a story in the beginning that had me cracking up but also looking forward to the endgame of what lesson he learned. I love that kind of ‘edge of your seat’, so intrigued you need more feeling! 

His remarks on leadership hit deep too. I am always striving to be better at work. And damn if he doesn’t make you want that! I crave being a better leader, a better example. And he makes some fantastic points on how to do just that! 

His conversations with his guests have been fantastic. He only has 7 episodes so far but I can’t wait for more! 

If you’re looking for something to get you thinking, get you reflecting, something to inspire you to be a better leader, spouse, parent, or you want to learn something new, I highly recommend you check it out! 


What are the five things that motivate you every day?

I feel like the days go by so fast now that sometimes at the end of the day I am EXHAUSTED and wondering how in the world I have the energy to get up tomorrow and do it all again. I will, and I do, but I definitely need motivators in mind.

What motivates you? What are the five things that get you going each day?

For me…..

  1. Family. My daughter. Being the best I can be for them.
  2. My health. I want nothing more than to live a long life, to share experiences with family, to be healthy, fit, and energetic. I do what I can to take care of myself every day.
  3. Learning new things. I always look forward to learning something new. Whether it’s an “aw crap, I shouldn’t have done that” or a “wow, I had no idea!” or a “This is gonna help me so much!”, I crave learning something new! Especially when it pertains to my passions.
  4. Teaching my daughter to be adventurous and independent. I spend 90% of my time with her taking her places, my husband and I both do. She naps every day, and sleeps all night almost every night, so when she is awake, we are ON. THE. GO. But what’s great about this? She gets to have a new experience outside our house every day! Whether it’s the pool, the beach, the park, the stables, she’s learning new things and exploring. I crave that for her!
  5. Being thankful. I am so thankful for all that I have, for everything in my life I’ve been blessed with. America is beautiful, we are free, but not at zero cost. It’s so important to be thankful every day for what we have, for what we have worked for, and for what others have worked for for us. Appreciating that motivates me so much.


Everyone is different. Different things motivate different people. I’m so interested to hear what motivates YOU. Please share 🙂


Some weeks just make you tougher…

I don’t have a picture to describe this week. So I chose a meme….it seemed appropriate.

I love organization. I’m a planner. Some would probably call me a leeetle obsessive. Welp. This week was one of those weeks that taught me to go with the flow and have patience. That’s mom life for you.

Monday I started Beachbody’s 22 Minute Hard Corps. I LOVE it!! It’s just what I’ve been needing. It’s quick. It’s hard. But not TOO hard. And I love the cadence rhythm to it. I didn’t modify to start. It was only Cardio 1. I was drenched when I was done. The week started out awesome.

Tuesday I worked. Work has been very busy. A lot of time in the car, a lot of different things going on. I do love being busy. But with a toddler at home it can be exhausting. I asked the husband if I could work late so I could get ahead of the curve. He usually takes the big kids to the movies on Tuesday. He moved that to Wednesday–we both believe routine and his time spent with his kids is very important–and I worked late. Bay was a bit of a pip that night and when I called on my way home, he was having a hard time. I had to pick up a prescription (that’s a story for another day). I had to pick up some clothes or Bay from the mom swap. I got home as soon as I could. By then the storm had passed and Bay was behaving. I swooped in and took over, giving Jason a break. That’s how we do it. We work very hard to give each other breaks. Especially when she’s being a true toddler. hahaha

Wednesday I had plans with a dear friend. And I had to break those plans because my wild child decided that she was going to get up extra early and never nap. I took her to the aquarium and we had an awesome morning. We do our best to wear her out so she sleeps because those nap times/bed times are important. And we swear by routine. The only problem is that she decided that a ten minute nap in the car on the way home from the aquarium replaced her three hour , afternoon nap. I needed to workout and I had a strict schedule because we needed to go to the grocery store to buy food to cook dinner for my friend and I, since she was coming over to eat. Well, I took Bailey to the pool to wear her out after refused to nap. Two hours later I was exhausted but she was still going. Then came on hurricane Bailey. I was at my wits end. I couldn’t entertain. I was in tears, Bailey was in tears, we were a mess. I cancelled my dinner plans and felt TERRIBLE about it. Jason still took the kids to dinner and a movie, I put Bailey down at 7pm, an hour earlier than normal for us, because she was a whiny, exhausted mess. And so was I. I cleaned up the house (which had been bothering me all day) and hit the hay. Damn, I’d missed my workout already, 3 days in. That stuff makes me insane because I can easily be thrown off my schedule since baby. I’m doing the best I can. And this day was not one of the better ones. We all have them, right?

Thursday I got up at 4am to be on the local news. O2 Fitness has paired with the Lowcountry Food Bank and we had a food drive and a meeting with our COO before I had clubs to run and other items to tend to. Busy day right from the get-go. I got home and did the workouts I missed, along with the one scheduled for that day. Three workouts, Cardio 1, Core 1 and Resistance 1. I knew as soon as I was finished that I’d strained something in my back. I kept on, taking Bailey to the beach. Home and bed. Up the next morning to do work, run errands and managed my workout despite my back. Cardio 2 was a rough! Crying seemed like a good idea LOL. But I pushed through and held it together. Took Bailey and Fenway, one of our dogs to the beach. We do everything we can to give Bailey an exciting life…and to help tire her out so she sleeps. Everybody does it differently. And I support that 10000%. You have to do what works for you and your kids 🙂

Friday night my back ACHED. I was worried I’d actually hurt myself. My diet had been on point all week. I was loving this workout. The last thing I wanted was to have to stop because I hurt myself. I’m not even sure what I did. Burpees maybe? Shows you the importance of proper form and not getting sloppy. Pretty sure that’s what happened. I took a hot bath and finally got to use a LUSH bathbomb I’d been holding on to. Score!

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading. I am getting to a point, I promise lol. Some of us moms have to talk it out. I’m recapping my week in my own head to get it out. For it to be over. To move on. And to remember to be strong.

That’s what I’m learning. Strength. The strength and mental flexibility of being a mom. Setting boundaries. Not accepting negative energy in any way. Yes, we’re going to have bad moments and bad days. We’re allowed to. It’s okay. But you have it and you pick yourself up and get on. Wallowing isn’t going to help anyone. And if I can give any advice I have learned, don’t take it out on your spouse. Marriage is sacred. And taking out on your frustration on them doesn’t solve anything. I have learned this from experience. And I definitely do not want to pass anything negative on to Bailey. I’m doing my very best to avoid that at all costs.

My therapist (yes, I see a therapist regularly. Another story for another day) has taught me a lot about energies. Negative energy from a person can consume you. It can wrap itself around you. If can drive you away from your spouse. People affect you, your energy, your life. Surround yourself with who and what you want to be, who inspire you, who drive you, who SUPPORT you. Negative energy breeds negative energy. It’ll sink you quick. Separate yourself and find positivity.

noun: positivity
  1. the practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude.

It’s a practice. It takes time. But if you work at it, eventually, just like anything, it becomes second nature.