In meal prepping this week, we made a few great standards to have available in the fridge! The kids eat them (both the teens and the toddler!) and they fit on our meal plans! I’m going to share two of our favorites with you!



Deviled Eggs (I CRAVE these!)



  • 10 eggs
  • 1/2 cup nonfat Greek yogurt
  • 1/2 cup plain hummus
  • 1 tbsp grain mustard
  • 1/8 cup chopped chives
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • sprinkle of smoked paprika

20 half eggs=53 calories each! #WIN

Hard-boil the eggs. Peel them. Cut them in half and set the halves aside. Remove the yolks. Blend everything (including the yolks) in a food processor. Cut the corner off a zip-lock bag and use that to pipe the filling into the half eggs.

Egg Muffins


Ingredients (per egg muffin)

  • 1 egg
  • 1/4 slice Mozzarella cheese
  • 1/2 slice turkey bacon
  • 1/8 cup peppers and onions (sauteed)
  • 1/4 cup egg whites

150 calories per muffin

We chose to leave the eggs whole so the yolk was in the middle of the muffin. Saute’ the peppers and onions first, then put the turkey bacon on the bottom of the muffin tin. Pour the egg, egg whites and peppers and onions into the tins and place the cheese over the top to cook. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. These worked great for snacks, breakfast and on the go, since you can eat them warm or cold!

Do you have an egg recipe you love? Share it below! I love trying new recipes!


Calm. Is. Contagious.

This is a lesson I learn day in and day out. Calm is contagious. Any feeling is contagious. If you’re anxious, the people around you will be anxious. If you’re uncomfortable, the people around you will feel it, they’ll be uncomfortable. It’s easy for people to affect your emotions, and is easy for you to influence theirs. How do you want to influence them? 

I’ve realized this as a parent. If I get frustrated and worked up, Bailey is right there with me. I will accomplish nothing with her if I’m frustrated and passing that negative energy on to her. Children are especially sensitive. Your calm is contagious. They will feel it and be calm. 

In the work place, this is absolutely a must. Think about that spastic boss you had, or that coworker that runs around frantic all the time. How does that make you feel? You feel their energy don’t you? I know I do! I’m learning to keep myself in check because there’s nothing worse than knowing you’re the cause of someone else’s frantic feelings. Anxiety is contagious. So is calm. 

Whether in a moment of crisis or a moment of sheer panic, remember to take a deep breath. Calm is contagious. Lead with calm. If you’re calm, your employees, children, spouse will feel that and it will calm them. I have witnessed this from both angles. Have you? I want to hear about it! 

I’ll leave you with this video. I think Rorke Denver is just awesome. He’s inspiring, a great storyteller, and my go-to for leadership. Watch and listen as he talks about how calm is contagious! Enjoy! Let me know you’re thoughts! (Click the picture for the video!) 


Podcast Friday!

I missed last week after the hedge trimmer debacle but I’m back this week with one of my favorites! 

I discovered them through Chris Kyle’s story. If you’re unfamiliar, Chris Kyle was a Navy Seal sniper. The movie American Sniper was made about his life, with Bradley Cooper doing a fantastic job in the role of the man himself. Chris Kyle wrote a memoir before he passed. He was killed at a shooting range by a fellow veteran with PTSD. Such a terrible end to an amazing life story. 

Taya Kyle is Chris Kyle’s wife. If you don’t know this about me, I become emmersed in things when they interest me. I read every book, I do research, watch videos and interviews. I have to know everything. My fascination with Navy Seals and Chris Kyle was no exception. 

I had forgotten all about podcasts until this time. I began looking for interviews on there that I could listen to while I was driving, since I do a lot of driving for work. I’ve been trying to get myself out of my funk and listening to something interesting and motivating seemed like a good idea. I looked her up and found her on Team Never Quit. 

As soon as I heard the intro done by David Rutherford and Marcus Luttrell (you may know him from Lone Survivor, the movie and the book) and the music, I knew I’d be hooked. And sure enough I have then proceeded to listen to almost all of their episodes. Their mission is to bring motivation and teach listeners about the “Never Quit Mindset” through inspiring stories from all walks of life. 

Taya’s story resonated with me. She spoke about marriage, about how hard it can be, about those rough and weak moments we experience. She talked about strength, how to prevail in marriage, she calls it the “biggest gift”. She talks this analogy about marriage as a marinated steak….”[…]You think of a really great piece of steak, you buy it at the store, it’s gonna be a great piece of meat, that’s like our marriage when we were fresh and new and in love and it was a good connection. And then you think we’ll if you marinate it, what is that? It’s breaking down the tissue in the steak and it’s making it more tender, and it’s giving it some seasoning to it, and it’s giving all these different layers of flavor, and I think that’s what happened to our marriage and one of the greatest gifts I ever got […]”

As someone who is married, only five years in, I found this to be such an interesting and truthful take on marriage. Things happen, you have ups and downs, good moments and bad together. It’s “marinating” your marriage. I want a tender marriage, full of flavors and aged to perfection. I think all married couples want that. 

Her story is full of faith, hope, love, loss and redemption. She’s a strong-ass woman. She’s raising two kids and keeping her husband’s legacy alive. I admire her in all her endeavors. I admire that she has pressed on! 

I highly recommend this podcast to anyone who is looking for a kick into gear! It keeps me in the mindset that life may get hard, and shit may suck, but we can get through it! There’s always a light on the other side. At the top of the mountain is a glorious view. The climb up that mountain may be rough but it’s so damn worth it! #TeamNeverQuit 

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New journeys

I recently posted to Social Media about something really exciting and thrilling for me! I have become a Beachbody coach! Before you question or judge, below is my announcement. Let me explain why I chose this… 


Has something ever kept coming back to you time and time again? And you finally realize it speaks to you, you finally realize it might be just what you were looking for? 
Fitness and health have become a huge part of my life. Ever since I competed, I’ve been passionate about it. I was in the best shape of my life in 2015. And then we got the surprise of a lifetime–I was pregnant! 
I gained 50 pounds. I loved being pregnant. But after the birth, I didn’t lose like I wanted to. I struggled with postpartum anxiety, depression, and a lack of motivation. I couldn’t relate to anyone. I struggled every day. I loved my daughter but I needed to find love for myself again. It’s taken me until now to find my way back to my starting point. 
I began my journey with Beachbody in April. I finally joined a challenge group and committed to 21 Day Fix. I was nervous and anxious to do it but I knew this was step 1 for me. What I had known before didn’t apply now. Everything was different. I had to start fresh. 
I started feeling better, I was part of a group of amazing and inspiring women. I didn’t feel cheated or pushed, I felt understood and encouraged! I learned about portion control, I began fueling my body and the workout was completely doable, leaving me feeling stronger with every passing day. I completed two rounds and moved on to 22 Minute Hard Corps. I’m obsessed! 
Last month I started a blog, working to motivate other mamas who are in the same boat as I am. It’s in its infancy stages but it’s become a passion of mine. This journey is about motivating others, inspiring others while motivating and inspiring myself. Loving myself. And getting healthy and fit once again! That’s why I became a Beachbody Coach! 
I am so thrilled to embark on this new journey! I want to inspire others through transparency, through the every day struggles we face as busy women. It took me a long while to take the leap but I have and I am overjoyed! I want to help others; I want to motivate and encourage. I can’t describe what it did for me, and now I want to pay it forward

I want to help other women who have felt like I have. It’s so hard, living in the frustrating darkness of being unmotivated. When we feel confident in ourselves, we shine. We glow. And don’t you want to glow? I know I do! 潃儭

Injuries · Lessons Learned

Well that was an unplanned hiatus…


Last Monday I was rushing, trimming these stupid bushes by my garage (they’re prickly and grow way too fast) when I had an accident. 

The cord was too short for this particular hedge trimmer and it kept unplugging. I plugged it back in for the 6th time and upon turning it back on, wasn’t looking while reaching for the handle and actually ended up reaching for the blades. I turned it on against my fingers. You can imagine what happened then… 

Spoiler alert: I kept all my fingers! Praise the Lord! It could have been SO much worse! 

Bailey was napping and I was alone. I had enough wits about me to grab a beach towel and hold pressure to my fingers. I wasn’t sure the extent of the damage because let me tell you, there was blood EVERYWHERE. It was awful! 

I probably took ten years off my father’s life calling him when my husband didn’t answer and telling him I had an accident with the hedge trimmers he let me borrow. He lives close and was immediately on his way. I managed to get my husband on the phone as my neighbors got home. My lovely neighbor held me while I cried as I waited for my husband and father. 

A trip to the ER later and I was stitched up. I spent the rest of the night pacing in excruciating pain. Hand pain is no joke! 

I got the right stitches out yesterday but I’m pretty sure they weren’t ready to come out. I lost a lot of skin and they’re pretty raw now. But it’s not as bad as it was, so I’ll take it  

So now I’m back to blogging on a regular basis! I have some great things to talk about in the future and I’m really excited about what’s ahead! So sorry for my absence! And remember, PAY ATTENTION when messing with power tools!


Podcast Friday

I’m going to start a schedule I think. At least for this one topic because I am super passionate about podcasts right now. 

Podcast Friday 

I started listening to podcasts in the car as motivation and inspiration and keeping me healthy mentally. I needed things put in perspective. I needed to climb out of my dark hole and back into the light. I have all but given up music. Unless my daughter is in the car. Then it’s just “Higher Love” by Steve Winwood on repeat (it’s her jam, I’m not kidding). But that is also positive, so I’ll take it! 

Today I’m going to feature my current obsession in podcast land. 

Andy Stumpf is a former Navy Seal. He’s so completely real and transparent in his podcasts. I discovered him through his interview on my most favorite Podcast “Team Never Quit” with Marcus Luttrell and David Rutherford. We’ll probably talk about that one next week. I am OBSESSED with Team Never Quit! 

Andy was on their podcast and after listening to his conversation with them and the mention of his own podcast, I dove in headfirst. I love it. He’s real, he’s motivational, and he’s no bullshit. Sometimes we all need that. 

He shared a story recently about marriage counseling and raising “quality human beings” (kids) (Episode 5). I was riveted. Hooked. And while circumstances are different for me and my husband, and we don’t need counseling, I am always interested in hearing ways I can be a better parent or a better spouse. He talked about the counseling and told about a specific exercise where you become you’re child self again and tell your parent (in a role play exercise with the therapist) what you needed from them when you were a kid that they didn’t provide. He goes on to say “the thought of my children being damaged for life by me, it was devastating […]” and man! That hit me in the gut. I believe it can also be related to marriage, anyone you interact with. We have the ability to influence people in ways we sometimes don’t realize. This was eye-opening for me!

He’s also funny. In that same episode he told a story in the beginning that had me cracking up but also looking forward to the endgame of what lesson he learned. I love that kind of ‘edge of your seat’, so intrigued you need more feeling! 

His remarks on leadership hit deep too. I am always striving to be better at work. And damn if he doesn’t make you want that! I crave being a better leader, a better example. And he makes some fantastic points on how to do just that! 

His conversations with his guests have been fantastic. He only has 7 episodes so far but I can’t wait for more! 

If you’re looking for something to get you thinking, get you reflecting, something to inspire you to be a better leader, spouse, parent, or you want to learn something new, I highly recommend you check it out! 

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Toddlers are tornados 

This basically sums up what life is like with a toddler. It’s hilariously cute and exhaustingly trying. Some days I have no idea how I will find the energy to keep up with her when she wakes up from her nap. And on the days she doesn’t nap….Lord have mercy. The kid is a tornado.

How do you keep your toddler entertained? We go to the pool, we go to the beach, to the aquarium, for walks. We play outside, we go to the barn now that she’s more mobile. I will say, I am definitely more active with this child around! 

I’ve definitely learned you have to laugh. No matter what. It’s easy to get frustrated, to be so tired your brain can’t function. But what do you want your child to see? That’s what I think of every time she’s having a moment and I’m not prepared. I don’t want to yell, I don’t want her to experience negative energy if she doesn’t have to. There is a time for that, absolutely. But 90% of the time, in our house, we talk to her like a person and we work to teach her wrong from right. It takes time and patience, but it’s so important to me that she grow up strong and well adjusted. To each his/her own but for us, this works. 

Some things don’t always go as planned. What I thought was a cute idea then often makes me question my sanity. But then I suppose maybe that’s the whole thing? Trying new things, laughing when it doesn’t go right, and trying something else. I mean, you have to laugh right? 

I wouldn’t change this for anything. Every day is a new and exciting challenge. Some days are easy, some days I miss dinner plans because I’m having a ‘mommy meltdown’. I’ll talk about judgement and giving moms a hard time in a future post, but for now, let’s just say that momming is hard work. Your cultivating a little being, teaching it how to be, how to grow. It’s a special little experience and not one is the same as another. It’s pretty incredible. And despite the pile of sand in my yard that I’m still picking up, and the dog food that was dumped on the floor, we all survived and no one was hurt, no real damage done. So laugh. Enjoy it. We only get to do this once. What do you want to remember? I want to remember laughter. And I want her to remember it too. 


What are the five things that motivate you every day?

I feel like the days go by so fast now that sometimes at the end of the day I am EXHAUSTED and wondering how in the world I have the energy to get up tomorrow and do it all again. I will, and I do, but I definitely need motivators in mind.

What motivates you? What are the five things that get you going each day?

For me…..

  1. Family. My daughter. Being the best I can be for them.
  2. My health. I want nothing more than to live a long life, to share experiences with family, to be healthy, fit, and energetic. I do what I can to take care of myself every day.
  3. Learning new things. I always look forward to learning something new. Whether it’s an “aw crap, I shouldn’t have done that” or a “wow, I had no idea!” or a “This is gonna help me so much!”, I crave learning something new! Especially when it pertains to my passions.
  4. Teaching my daughter to be adventurous and independent. I spend 90% of my time with her taking her places, my husband and I both do. She naps every day, and sleeps all night almost every night, so when she is awake, we are ON. THE. GO. But what’s great about this? She gets to have a new experience outside our house every day! Whether it’s the pool, the beach, the park, the stables, she’s learning new things and exploring. I crave that for her!
  5. Being thankful. I am so thankful for all that I have, for everything in my life I’ve been blessed with. America is beautiful, we are free, but not at zero cost. It’s so important to be thankful every day for what we have, for what we have worked for, and for what others have worked for for us. Appreciating that motivates me so much.


Everyone is different. Different things motivate different people. I’m so interested to hear what motivates YOU. Please share



Do you ever stare at your child while they sleep and wonder how you got so lucky? How you made such an incredible, beautiful, curious little being?

Pregnancy itself it a miracle. Feeling the baby inside, knowing you’re growing another human within you, creating life within you….it’s absolutely mind-blowing. I’m in awe.

Not everyone loves their pregnancy. I loved mine. I wanted everyone to touch my belly, to feel her move. I took soooo many bump pictures and I still look back fondly on every one. Even when I was huge. And I was huge. I gained 50lbs with my pregnancy. Some of it was fluid–I had preeclampsia and was on bed rest two week prior to delivery–but it is what it is. Would I do it all again? Absolutely. The feeling of having a child inside you is something to cherish. So many women do not get to experience this. If you get to be pregnant, no matter what, embrace it.

Staring at Bailey tonight I wonder how in the world I (we) created such a child. Watching your child grow is some kind of reward, some kind of stunning addition to your life you don’t even know you’re missing until it’s there. It’s terrifying beautiful, the journey. I wouldn’t change it for anything. And as I lay her down to sleep every night, blowing her kisses as I leave the room, I pray she gets to have an amazing life. That she does amazing things that she dreams of, works for, is passionate about. That she takes chances, and risks and reaps the rewards. That she’s healthy, happy, and hopeful.

Being a mom is the hardest, most rewarding thing I have ever done.

What’s your favorite moment with your child? That one quiet moment that hits you right in the feels.


“Be present, always.”

I downloaded “Damn Few: Making the Modern SEAL Warrior” by Rorke Denver on Audible this week. That book got me through last week in a lot of ways, if I’m honest. Seven hours of listening to that book. (I’m in the car A LOT) He narrated his own book, his voice is fantastic. And it was great hearing it in his own words and from himself. I can’t imagine what it takes to be a SEAL, or the wife of a SEAL. I have the utmost respect for the military and their families.

I’ve always had a fascination with the Navy. I considered joining when I was in high school. I didn’t know much about the SEALS. I was recently writing a short story with a military prompt and chose to make one of the characters a SEAL. Because I appreciate authenticity and I need to understand what I’m writing about. My research lead me to “American Sniper” By Chris Kyle. I haven’t finished the book yet but I did a ton of research on him. I watched several videos. I watched interviews with his wife, Taya Kyle, with him and people who knew him. I was instantly hooked. I needed to know everything there was to know about him, his comrads, and the SEALS.

I found Rorke Denver through this research, through realizing he stared in Act of Valor. I had avoided watching it and American Sniper because I wasn’t sure how they would affect me. My anxiety has been difficult to manage since having Bailey. Movies on terror and war tend to make it worse. Thanks to therapy, and the need to be inspired, I watched both. Holy crap. Inspirational, beautiful, moving. I’m almost through Lone Survivor. Anyone with a child knows that sometimes it’s hard to finish a book or a movie, lol.

“Damn Few” was incredible. There’s something in what drives a SEAL that I can’t help finding it inspiring; taking bits and pieces and applying it to real life. Their outlook on life, their drive, their focus. It’s enviable. It’s exceptional. They are the minority. It takes an extraordinary person to do what they do, to make it through that training and then to take it to the battlefield and beyond.

There’s a lot of talk about the mental, physical and spiritual journey that their training takes them through. That’s one of the things I find so interesting about it. The importance of TEAM. In training, BUD/S, they not only build the individual but they build the team. Working in an industry where being a team is so important, I took some things away that will definitely be useful, helpful and that I will pass on.

For me, it’s about the focus. It’s about the drive. It’s about being the best at what you do, working every day to be better. Embracing your faith, embracing your life, embracing truth. Positivity. It’s about pushing yourself beyond what you think you can do. It’s about not taking anything for granted. These are things I’ve been applying to my workouts, applying to my life. Things I hope to teach Bailey.

And remembering that there are people out there who risk their lives every day for our freedom, for what we have. Patriotism. I’m not going to get political, but I love being American. I love what we stand for. And reading books like this, it reminds me of that. I’ve read almost every book on the Kennedys, several on Vietnam and POWs, and I have a special fondness for the Revolutionary War. I have always been an avid reader and a history and military buff. I love that stuff. This book fits right in with that. Denver is strong, passionate about what he believes, what he’s done, his family, his brothers in arms. I can truly appreciate all of these things. I am better for having listened to this book. And believe me, I’ll listen again. It’s been added to my top ten all time favorites.

What’s your favorite book you’ve read lately? I’m always looking for suggestions!