About Me

I’ve been reading blogs for quite awhile. Who hasn’t? They’re full of inspiration, motivation, recipes, advice…anything you can imagine. What I haven’t been able to find is one that truly speaks to me. So I decided to finally make one of my own and fill it with all things that inspire me, a working mom! We’re all busy, we’re all trying to be healthy, we’re all working our way through this busy “mom life”. Why not share what motivates me in hopes it’ll help you?

I’m a northern girl living on the South Carolina coast. I grew up active, rode horses from age five. I’ve always been outdoorsy, had a fascination with animals, planes, and the military, a lover of anything Christmas-y and I’m obsessed with autumn and anything pumpkin. I lost 47 pounds to compete in figure competitions prior to having my daughter, which is a story all it’s own that I will share here. Now I’m a busy mom working to get back into shape and find what keeps me motivated through that process and beyond. I’m also hoping to help you too!

Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions, want to talk, relate, or just to say hi! : )


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