Thoughtful Tuesday

Last week I wrote about self-love. Today I’m going to talk about self-acceptance. To me, they are not the same.

You can love yourself in a moment. When you like those jeans or you had an awesome workout, or maybe you made a good decision that lead to good things. But self-love can be fleeting.

Self-acceptance is longterm. For me, the definition of self-acceptance is accepting that it’s okay to be different, to not move with the crowd, to express yourself in ways that others don’t, to love yourself despite how you look on the outside all the time; being happy in your own skin, all the time.

I don’t have a lot of friends who share the same interests I have. It’s always been that way. I rode horses growing up and had very few friends in school who rode; they didn’t understand my love of horses. I wasn’t good at articulating it either at such a young age, so I’m sure that didn’t help haha! I have dear, close friends who do share that love and I am so thankful for them. But the majority…it wasn’t a shared interest and I always felt like an outsider. I related better to horses than people.

I’ve always been a fangirl. I don’t know why, I just have always had a fascination with cute boys and fictional characters. Whether it’s a book, a movie, a show, or a boyband (LOL), I immerse myself in it and have to know everything. I’ve always been into pop culture, I suppose. As a child, I was surrounded by people who liked the same things but very few who truly got me. One of my first friendships in high school started with the question “oh my gosh, you like Justin Timberlake?!” Cue fangirl squealing. But as an adult it’s hard to find people around me who have this same common interest. Makes it hard to accept that part of myself.

I’m fascinated by the Royal engagement. But guess what? Not ONE person I’ve spoken to about it is. Why do I like stuff no one else likes?!

The Kennedys. The Revolutionary War. American history in general. I mean, they’re nerdy topics but does no one like this stuff?! LOL

Why am I different? Am I different? Should I just not like things? To me, I feel like letting that part of me, the part that yearns for that bit of excitement, whether it’s climbing on a horse or reading an exciting book, is part of what brings me to life. If I let it go I’m just conforming. But how do you accept being an outsider too? I’m stuck.

So while writing this post, I’m working to start fresh. I’m working toward embracing the parts of me others don’t understand or simply look past (and then probably wonder why on earth I’m interested in such things). We have to remember that we are not here to please others–we are here to be ourselves. Life is too short to spend it wishing you were different. I know that’s cliche but isn’t it true? Do you want to spend every day wishing you were better understood? Let’s stop trying to be understood. Let’s start embracing what makes us different. We aren’t all that different, but we definitely aren’t all the same. Embrace the things that make your heart sing every day and ACCEPT who you are because of them. I need to do it and if this speaks to you, I encourage you to do it as well 💛

(All images credit to google search)

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