Lessons Learned

Self-love ❤️


This little girl teaches me things every. There’s always something to see through her eyes. She makes me aware of simple beauties and simple joys. To be a kid again…

Something she does that I adore and find so completely innocent and yet profound is her self-love. She showers herself in affection, no matter what her hair might look like or how she’s dressed. Yeah, she’s a kid so that’s pretty normal. But when we as adults struggle with self-hate on a daily basis, there’s something to be said for loving yourself despite all.

I struggle. A lot. I’ve had some health issues and some mental stuff to work through and I’ve struggled desperately to lose the baby weight. I don’t often look in the mirror without some kind of self-hate or doubt crossing my mind. Especially as of late.

So I’ve been working through it and watching my child embrace herself no matter what. She loves what she loves and doesn’t bother with what she doesn’t. There’s something to be learned from that. She’s sweet and kind to all and has been showing affection since she was less than a year. There’s such a true innocence in children that we often attribute to their age and lack of knowledge of the world. But what if we all lived like that?

So instead of spending my time staring at my reflection and obsessing over the size of my hips or my c-section scar, I’m taking the time to praise myself and love myself. Do what makes you shine, tell yourself what you need to hear. At the end of the day, no one can tear you down unless you allow it. You are your own cheerleader, first and foremost. And what kind of example am I if all I exhibit is self-hate? I want to cultivate her natural state and teach her to grow, not show her how to tear herself down.

Am I exactly where I want to be? No. Will I be? Eventually. But in the meantime I’m gonna love myself. Because what’s more beautiful than self-love? Take a moment to appreciate yourself and what you love about yourself. It’s not being vain, it’s taking a minute to truly embrace the person you are today, for all your flaws and the things you love about yourself. Because flaws are beautiful too and make us unique ❤️


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