“Our Town” Reading And Atlanta

The fangirl in me will fly to San Diego for SDCC to see a one hour long panel staring a cast of people I adore because that’s how hardcore I am (The Last Ship).

That same fangirl drove to Atlanta a few weeks ago to meet up with a wonderful friend to fangirl over the Avengers cast doing a reading of “Our Town” by Thornton Wilder.

It was a one of a kind, amazing experience.

My friend sent me a picture of the ad for the play a few weeks before with the message “Wanna drive nine hours and see this with me?” She was being funny but my answer was literally HELL. YES. With a cast like Chris Evans (*flailing*), Robert Downey Jr, and Scarlett Johansson?! In Atlanta?! How could I say no?!

So I bought a ticket, booked a hotel room and proceeded to count down the sleeps until I saw Chris Evans in person. The reading itself was for Puerto Rico, which only added to my desire to go. A night out for a great cause? Count me in.

This was the first time I’ve ever road-tripped by myself. At 31 years old I set out on my first solo adventure more than an hour away. I took back roads for about 40 miles and it was gorgeous! Cotton fields, corn fields, horses, forest, tractors…basically my home town! I had an amazing playlist full of country hits to keep me going and I was feeling blissful!

Upon arrival in Atlanta, my friend and I settled into the room and got ready like true girls do! We pre-gamed with some prosecco and did our makeup, chatting and catching up 💛 #perfection

The reading happened at The Fox Theater. The theater was beautiful and the reading was even more incredible. Pictures weren’t allowed and I am not one to break rules. Our seats were phenomenal. Between Scarlett’s emotions, Jeremy Renner’s humor, Mark Ruffalo playing Jeremy’s father and Chris Evans not having page 12 (talk about a funny moment! He has such a great sense of humor!) it was captivating. We laughed, we cried and we soaked up every minute. RDJ was the stage director and narrator and he did fantastic. To see these amazing stars up close and in such a personal and raw state–once in a lifetime. I still can’t believe it happened. I want to go back and do it all again.

The next morning I toured myself around a little for coffee and breakfast, and checked out the Georgian Terrace Hotel. I stayed at the Hyatt Atlanta Midtown and I highly recommend it. The area was clean and nice, the staff was wonderful and our room had a great view. Thoroughly enjoyed lazy-ing around the room before I had to head out.

And then I headed home back the way I came. I did a little soul searching along the way; the play was very moving and made a lot of great points about how we live today. Take the time to truly communicate and look at each other when you speak to someone. Appreciate every moment. We only get to do this once. We don’t get to go back. So take it all in, embrace experiences and people. Say I love you. Be honest. Life is short. Live it well and meaningful, whatever that is for you 💛

Let’s see where fangirl life takes me next….

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