Lessons Learned


Wow life got really complicated for a hot (and long!) minute. Decisions I️ made and things I️ packed into my already packed day really have gotten the best of me lately.

I️ don’t do well when overwhelmed. Does anyone?

Being a full time working mom makes everything very busy. My girl is going to be two and doesn’t tolerate the phone or computer well. She wants my attention. I️ don’t blame her. And I️ don’t want her to remember the phone I️ had in my hand the whole time because I️ had to answer that text or email or I️ had to make that social media post.

I’ve gotten better at work emails, there is designated time for that. But social media…it’s been running my life. I’m taking back the reins and bringing this wild horse to a stop. Now.

I️ can hardly get my workout in, I️ definitely don’t have time to be posting about it. I’m not that witty and honestly, it’s become dreadfully stressful to try to be. I️ just want to be me, does that make any sense?

I️ want to embrace each day, and do as I️ want with what time I do have. I’ve removed Facebook from my phone completely. Nothing urgent enough to demand my attention can happen there. If someone needs me, they can call me. I’ll check it on the computer when I’m fortunate enough to be at one. #momlife LOL

Social media is amazing for keeping up with people. I want to see ALLLL the babies and I want to see what my family is up to, friends’ photography, what my friends did this weekend, who’s expecting and who’s engaged. I️ do! I️ want to see it AALLLL! But I️ need to stop looking at it every second of the day!

I️ love instagram because I️ love pictures. I’ll admit, instagram stories is a weakness of mine. I️ haven’t updated it in 48 hours *GASP*. I’m cutting back. I️ have to. I’m done letting life control me. I️ want to embrace it and enjoy it, not be busy documenting it.

I️ have read some amazing blog posts the last few days that have showed me I’m not the only Mom living in this realm. Everyone has their own life and their own decisions to make–this one is not for everyone and I’m not judging anyone for how they live and do and document. I’m talking about ME and what I️ NEED TO DO FOR ME. I️ miss the things I️ truly love to do that I️ haven’t been able to do–writing, reading, running, riding–because I’m too busy being attached to my phone. If I️ don’t document it on social media, did it happen?

Social media is an addiction I️ need to break. I️ feel sick about it in my belly and in my heart. I️ need more time for me and more time for my girl. She’s only going to be this little once. Shouldn’t I️ experience it first hand? And shouldn’t what I️ post mean something?

This isn’t to say you won’t ever see posts from me–don’t start thinking I’m saying one thing and then I do another. There will be posts, and there will be pictures. Just not on the reg. I️ need to take a break. For my sanity.

Do you feel this way? You aren’t alone! Comment below if you wanna chat about it!


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