Work/Life Balance and the Struggle

I had no idea how hard finding the balance between work life and home life would once I had a baby. Before I had her, I was married and my husband understood my 60 hour work weeks. I was always a worker, I loved being at work. Managing a gym was everything. Hard but so rewarding. I love the business. When I wasn’t working, I was working out there. They went hand in hand. And my marriage thrived because when we were together, we were together.

Once I became pregnant, I still managed to hold on until I went on bed rest two week prior to delivery. I slowed down but I never stopped. I will say when maternity leave came, however, I was SO SO ready.

It was strange and yet wonderful not working. But I did crave going back. I had no idea how hard that would be, however. WAKE UP CALL. Ouch.

I’ve been struggling since. Sometimes I think I’ve got it together, sometimes I feel like a literal mess. It seems that when I begin to think I have it all together, that I’m balancing everything, that’s when Bailey goes three nights waking up in the middle of the night, work goes into overdrive, and my diet and workout regime fall apart. It’s a cycle. It happens all the time. And then the anxiety and panic set in. Mix that with exhaustion and that is a recipe for one of my infamous meltdowns (I say infamous because my husband can always predict them lol).


I’m working so hard to manage it. I’m trying to turn off the strong sense of needing to work 24/7 so I can spend time with my daughter. I’m fortunate enough to get to spend a lot of time home with her so I need to take advantage of that and not be at the beck and call of work.

Do you have ways you manage it? Hours of the day set aside for certain things? That’s what I’m trying to do. Answering emails in the morning, being as efficient as possible when I am at work but also respecting time enough to get home to relieve my sitter/husband. And BOUNDARIES. Man, if I could just learn boundaries, I feel like I’d be so much better off. Nobody is perfect though, right? LOL

Balance III

Tell me how you manage your work/life balance. I could use some insight!

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