Calm. Is. Contagious. 

This is a lesson I learn day in and day out. Calm is contagious. Any feeling is contagious. If you’re anxious, the people around you will be anxious. If you’re uncomfortable, the people around you will feel it, they’ll be uncomfortable. It’s easy for people to affect your emotions, and is easy for you to influence theirs. How do you want to influence them? 

I’ve realized this as a parent. If I get frustrated and worked up, Bailey is right there with me. I will accomplish nothing with her if I’m frustrated and passing that negative energy on to her. Children are especially sensitive. Your calm is contagious. They will feel it and be calm. 

In the work place, this is absolutely a must. Think about that spastic boss you had, or that coworker that runs around frantic all the time. How does that make you feel? You feel their energy don’t you? I know I do! I’m learning to keep myself in check because there’s nothing worse than knowing you’re the cause of someone else’s frantic feelings. Anxiety is contagious. So is calm. 

Whether in a moment of crisis or a moment of sheer panic, remember to take a deep breath. Calm is contagious. Lead with calm. If you’re calm, your employees, children, spouse will feel that and it will calm them. I have witnessed this from both angles. Have you? I want to hear about it! 

I’ll leave you with this video. I think Rorke Denver is just awesome. He’s inspiring, a great storyteller, and my go-to for leadership. Watch and listen as he talks about how calm is contagious! Enjoy! Let me know you’re thoughts! (Click the picture for the video!) 

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