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New journeys 🗺

I recently posted to Social Media about something really exciting and thrilling for me! I have become a Beachbody coach! Before you question or judge, below is my announcement. Let me explain why I chose this… 


Has something ever kept coming back to you time and time again? And you finally realize it speaks to you, you finally realize it might be just what you were looking for? 
Fitness and health have become a huge part of my life. Ever since I competed, I’ve been passionate about it. I was in the best shape of my life in 2015. And then we got the surprise of a lifetime–I was pregnant! 
I gained 50 pounds. I loved being pregnant. But after the birth, I didn’t lose like I wanted to. I struggled with postpartum anxiety, depression, and a lack of motivation. I couldn’t relate to anyone. I struggled every day. I loved my daughter but I needed to find love for myself again. It’s taken me until now to find my way back to my starting point. 
I began my journey with Beachbody in April. I finally joined a challenge group and committed to 21 Day Fix. I was nervous and anxious to do it but I knew this was step 1 for me. What I had known before didn’t apply now. Everything was different. I had to start fresh. 
I started feeling better, I was part of a group of amazing and inspiring women. I didn’t feel cheated or pushed, I felt understood and encouraged! I learned about portion control, I began fueling my body and the workout was completely doable, leaving me feeling stronger with every passing day. I completed two rounds and moved on to 22 Minute Hard Corps. I’m obsessed! 
Last month I started a blog, working to motivate other mamas who are in the same boat as I am. It’s in its infancy stages but it’s become a passion of mine. This journey is about motivating others, inspiring others while motivating and inspiring myself. Loving myself. And getting healthy and fit once again! That’s why I became a Beachbody Coach! 
I am so thrilled to embark on this new journey! I want to inspire others through transparency, through the every day struggles we face as busy women. It took me a long while to take the leap but I have and I am overjoyed! I want to help others; I want to motivate and encourage. I can’t describe what it did for me, and now I want to pay it forward 🙏

I want to help other women who have felt like I have. It’s so hard, living in the frustrating darkness of being unmotivated. When we feel confident in ourselves, we shine. We glow. And don’t you want to glow? I know I do! ⭐️

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