Injuries · Lessons Learned

Well that was an unplanned hiatus… 


Last Monday I was rushing, trimming these stupid bushes by my garage (they’re prickly and grow way too fast) when I had an accident. 

The cord was too short for this particular hedge trimmer and it kept unplugging. I plugged it back in for the 6th time and upon turning it back on, wasn’t looking while reaching for the handle and actually ended up reaching for the blades. I turned it on against my fingers. You can imagine what happened then… 

Spoiler alert: I kept all my fingers! Praise the Lord! It could have been SO much worse! 

Bailey was napping and I was alone. I had enough wits about me to grab a beach towel and hold pressure to my fingers. I wasn’t sure the extent of the damage because let me tell you, there was blood EVERYWHERE. It was awful! 

I probably took ten years off my father’s life calling him when my husband didn’t answer and telling him I had an accident with the hedge trimmers he let me borrow. He lives close and was immediately on his way. I managed to get my husband on the phone as my neighbors got home. My lovely neighbor held me while I cried as I waited for my husband and father. 

A trip to the ER later and I was stitched up. I spent the rest of the night pacing in excruciating pain. Hand pain is no joke! 

I got the right stitches out yesterday but I’m pretty sure they weren’t ready to come out. I lost a lot of skin and they’re pretty raw now. But it’s not as bad as it was, so I’ll take it 👍 

So now I’m back to blogging on a regular basis! I have some great things to talk about in the future and I’m really excited about what’s ahead! So sorry for my absence! And remember, PAY ATTENTION when messing with power tools! 👋

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