Podcast Friday 

I’m going to start a schedule I think. At least for this one topic because I am super passionate about podcasts right now. 

Podcast Friday 

I started listening to podcasts in the car as motivation and inspiration and keeping me healthy mentally. I needed things put in perspective. I needed to climb out of my dark hole and back into the light. I have all but given up music. Unless my daughter is in the car. Then it’s just “Higher Love” by Steve Winwood on repeat (it’s her jam, I’m not kidding). But that is also positive, so I’ll take it! 

Today I’m going to feature my current obsession in podcast land. 

Andy Stumpf is a former Navy Seal. He’s so completely real and transparent in his podcasts. I discovered him through his interview on my most favorite Podcast “Team Never Quit” with Marcus Luttrell and David Rutherford. We’ll probably talk about that one next week. I am OBSESSED with Team Never Quit! 

Andy was on their podcast and after listening to his conversation with them and the mention of his own podcast, I dove in headfirst. I love it. He’s real, he’s motivational, and he’s no bullshit. Sometimes we all need that. 

He shared a story recently about marriage counseling and raising “quality human beings” (kids) (Episode 5). I was riveted. Hooked. And while circumstances are different for me and my husband, and we don’t need counseling, I am always interested in hearing ways I can be a better parent or a better spouse. He talked about the counseling and told about a specific exercise where you become you’re child self again and tell your parent (in a role play exercise with the therapist) what you needed from them when you were a kid that they didn’t provide. He goes on to say “the thought of my children being damaged for life by me, it was devastating […]” and man! That hit me in the gut. I believe it can also be related to marriage, anyone you interact with. We have the ability to influence people in ways we sometimes don’t realize. This was eye-opening for me!

He’s also funny. In that same episode he told a story in the beginning that had me cracking up but also looking forward to the endgame of what lesson he learned. I love that kind of ‘edge of your seat’, so intrigued you need more feeling! 

His remarks on leadership hit deep too. I am always striving to be better at work. And damn if he doesn’t make you want that! I crave being a better leader, a better example. And he makes some fantastic points on how to do just that! 

His conversations with his guests have been fantastic. He only has 7 episodes so far but I can’t wait for more! 

If you’re looking for something to get you thinking, get you reflecting, something to inspire you to be a better leader, spouse, parent, or you want to learn something new, I highly recommend you check it out! 

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